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Jacksonville Contractor Licensing

Does your installer have all the proper certification?

Siding industries makes it easy to check our references. There are links to our testimonials, and our training certification is posted right here on the website for you to see. Rest easy in your decision to hire Siding Industries for your Jacksonville Door, Window, or Siding installation project.


As technology improves, our homes become even more energy efficient. It’s important that your new construction contractor stays up to date with all the latest advances. This includes Hurricane protection, design choices, lifespan, and more. Our team goes through rigorous training from the manufacturers with all the new materials. The state of Florida, as well as our counties and cities require even more training to obtain and maintain our licenses.

If your Florida home is older, hidden dangers such as mold and lead can be a deadly issue. Siding Industries contractors have certification in identifying and repairing these hotspot problems. Whether it’s a full remodel, or just repairings, you can trust Siding Industries to get the job done.

Further Certification

As far as community, you can’t beat having a Notary Public license. It’s not something you think about much, until you need it. Then suddenly you need it, and your neighbor happens to be the person who can do it for you. An A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau, membership in the St. Johns County Chamber of Commerce. It’s all outside the scope of everyday business, but it’s all something we work hard to maintain, for the comfort and trust of our customers.

Siding Industries master installers keep all of this in mind when they assess your Door, Window, or Siding construction.  We serve North Florida Residents of Green Cove Springs, Jacksvonille, Flagler, Palatka, St. Augustine or Daytona area. Call us today at 904-460-9367, and let’s get your home up to date!